About The Learning Bee

Mrs Natalie Dorai-Raj, local mother, teacher and operator at The Learning Bee Claremont, has been teaching in both Primary and Early Childhood educational settings for 13 years.

Natalie’s passion for teaching Literacy, in particular phonics, was the driving force behind the creation of The Learning Bee Claremont: A centre for young children to flourish academically, while their individual needs are met and their confidence is fostered.

The Learning Bee Team:

Our team of passionate teachers have engaged a wide range of professionals to develop the many Academic Programs offered at The Learning Bee.

Continued professional development, the pure joy we derive from teaching and the varied experience we bring to The Learning Bee, makes for an effective tuition centre that consistently sees positive results.

We aim to give our students a solid academic foundation so that the doors of opportunity remain open as they go forward through their educational settings.



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