Our early education lessons have been proven to develop and accelerate the learning of literacy skills for children in a positive and sequential manner. Our programs do not only teach reading, writing and spelling skills, but they also foster and reinforce other abilities including confidence and self esteem. Our individually tailored lessons will extend your child’s concentration, attention span and his or her ability to focus and see tasks through to completion.

We also teach valuable social skills and values such as:

  • patience
  • taking turns
  • how to win with grace

and perhaps more importantly:

  • how to lose with grace

Honey Bees

Letters And Sounds 3 Years+

Focus: Consolidation of letter sounds – Initial sounds

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Some knowledge of letters

Children move into the second phase of our letter system continuing to use kinesthetic actions to further consolidate knowledge of letters and sounds. This is similar to New Bees but games are of a higher order and call for more focus and concentration. Our aim is still to have lots of fun and to keep it light and bright.

Honey Bees 2

Letter Consolidation 3 Years+

Focus: Consolidation of letter sounds – Initial sounds – Rhymes

Necessary Prior Knowledge: fair knowledge of letters and sounds or have completed Honey Bees

This is for children who need more consolidation of letters. It is the second phase of our letter system and works to truly commit all letters and sounds to long term memory. This phase is designed to step children into our reading programs. It follows the same format of the New Bees and Honey Bees classes.

Bumble Bees

Vowel Consonant Blend 3 Years +

Focus: Beginning to read vowel consonant words – Blending sounds together – Initial sounds – Rhymes

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Needs to have well consolidated knowledge of letters and sounds

The first program in learning to read starts with learning to sound words that are vowel-consonant (VC). We employ a practice of putting letters together to make small words. Strategies are taught for sounding out and word recognition and we have a continuation of Letter of the Day. Plenty of games are used to consolidate and build on prior knowledge. Fun is a priority as is building confidence. Children start to see themselves as successful readers.

Bees Knees

Reading And Spelling 3.5 Years +

Focus: Reading of vowel consonant words continued – Blending letter sounds – Initial sounds – Rhymes

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Completed Bumble Bees

The second part of Bumble Bees program and prerequisite is to have completed Bumble Bees. It is best suited to age 3 ½ years. Having grasped the concepts taught in Bumble Bees, our little bees take flight into reading and spelling. This program is about consolidating these skills and developing confidence.

Magic Bees

Larger Words And Vowels 3.5 Years +

Focus: 3-letter words – Short vowel sounds – Recognise vowel sounds

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Consolidated knowledge of all letter sounds – Must be able to read small words (VC)

This is our first program to introduce children to larger words with short vowel sounds. It provides children with a taste of different three-letter words (CVC) growing from the words they already know from previous programs and involves lots of manipulation of letters. See the magic that they possess as they sound out words to read and spell.

We Are Family

Master Bees 4 Years +

Focus: Reading CVC words – Rhyming – Word families – Final sounds

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Age 4 unless attended previous programs – Able to sound out words – A range of sight words. Master Bees (We Are Family) classes range between 40 -60 minutes in duration.

Parents are still required to attend to get the full benefit of lesson content. The format of the lesson changes slightly from the previous programs. Sight words are introduced and reading material increases in complexity. The first half of lesson still uses games to consolidate previous skills learnt. The second half is devoted to a sound combination or word family where children are introduced to an exciting world of interesting friendly characters that help them learn. There is a larger focus on rhyming and letter patterns in words with the introduction of blends and long vowel sounds. Many more strategies and rules are taught to ensure an understanding of how language works. This creates a love for reading and spelling.

Having had a taste of three-letter short vowel words in “Magic Bees”, children move into this program to experience more. The idea of word families is imparted and becomes a vehicle to understanding spelling and rhyming words. Children really start to grasp the concepts taught to date and become proficient in their skills of reading and spelling. Significant changes are noted in their confidence in this course.

Crazy Creatures

Master Bees 4 Years +

Focus: Reading CVC words – All short vowel sounds – Medial sounds – Word families – Decoding

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Age 4 unless attended previous programs – Has some experience with CVC words – Consolidated letter sound knowledge

This program continues to delve into consonant-vowel-consonant words (CVC), covering all short vowel sounds while meeting crazy creatures and making crazy words. We literally play with words in this class and have lots of fun. Our focus is on the short vowel sounds which can be difficult to distinguish. We continue to look at rhymes, word families, reading, decoding and spelling strategies. Games are still fun but more complex. Children really start to see themselves as competent and clever readers as their vocabulary and word recognition increases.

Master Blenders

Master Bees 4 Years +

Focus: Consonant blends – 4-letter words – Short vowel sounds – Decoding words – Medial sounds

Necessary Prior Knowledge: A good bank of sight words – Sounding out skills

This program introduces consonant blends and four letter words. Children get to cook with letters and meet characters that love to blend. Children now have a good bank of sight words and their skills for decoding words and sounding out simple words is well developed. This program looks at chunking or segmenting words into smaller bites, looking for patterns and more spelling strategies. We integrate more punctuation marks and look at developing expression when reading aloud.


Master Bees 4 Years +

Focus: Consonant blends – Diagraphs – Consonant blend endings – Rhyming – Spelling skills, chunking and word segmentation

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Age 4 years – Master Blenders – A good bank of sight words

This program continues the theme of consonant blends. Children travel to a magic land and meet many characters from the town of ‘Blendington’. They are also introduced to diagraphs which are unvoiced consonant blends in ‘Diagraph Forest’. Consolidation is through the practice of skills taught in the previous program with a focus on visual memory and working memory. Children become extremely confident with their ability in this program.


Master Bees 4 Years +

Focus: Long vowel sounds – 5-letter words – Consonant blend endings – Reading and spelling skills – Punctuation signs – Reading expression

Necessary Prior Knowledge: Excellent knowledge of all letter sounds – Some reading experience – An extensive sight word bank. Knowledge of consonant blends – Knowledge of diagraphs

This is the final program in the literacy course at The Learning Bee. Children meet some colourful owls that live in a magical tree. The focus is on long vowel sounds and vowel combinations. Words are five letters in length. This is a challenging yet fun program where all previous skills and knowledge are consolidated. Children leave this program with the basic necessary reading skills and are keen to learn more at school. They also exude confidence and are ready to tackle any word with ease.

Small group and Individual support for primary school aged students.

Our programs offer mathematics lessons in both group and individual settings. We help our students navigate mathematical concepts through engaging, tactile lessons.

We communicate with classroom teachers so that we are working together to help our students understand number, space, measurement and algebraic concepts that can cause a lot of anxiety at school and during homework time.

Our qualified teachers run group phonics, literacy and maths programs. We take a maximum of 5 students per class. These classes are explicit and sequential. An assessment with Natalie will determine which class your child belongs in.

Private tuition is beneficial where there is a specific learning need. Our experienced teachers each offer various strengths, and you can be assured your child will be assigned a quality tutor who best suits his/her learning style.

At The Learning Bee, we use Dandelion Literacy Resources which are endorsed by The Dyslexia Speld Foundation. These resources are particularly valuable for students who have difficulty with decoding sounds and reading fluency.

Our tutors are also on the road! If this is an easier option for you, we can assign tutor who will visit
you on a weekly basis at home:

Our experienced home tutors offer help in the following subjects:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Homework help (all subjects) for those families who are time poor and require the assistance of an educator.